Tough Packs Solved - Think Beyond Basic Packaging

Tough Packs Solved

What does Tough Packs Solved really mean? For starters, It’s not just about packaging. TPS is about understanding who you are, how your business operates, and creating solutions to overcome your biggest challenges (packaging related or otherwise).

At the end of the day, there are thousands of packaging companies in the world. How does the Tough Packs Solved methodology make a difference for your business?

TPS is a system we’ve developed, and proven, with the world’s largest brands.

TPS starts with your business challenges. We start with your product idea,from the conceptual design phase, and walk you all the way through the production process, including supply chain and warehousing of your products to meet your scale.

Unique TPS examples include

  • Custom thermoform part for premium electric vehicle manufacturer
  • In-house parts supply and warehousing program for world’s largest power generation company
  • Pioneered gift card multipack technology for world’s largest electronics company
  • Designed flexible supply chain solution for world’s largest consumer brand

Tamper-proof gift card pack developed by Deufol - video