Testimonials and Reviews


At Deufol, our primary goal is to help our customers optimize their packaging, shipping, supply, and distribution processes so they can maximize their bottom line and reach their objectives. We’re proud to have assisted hundreds of companies over the years across a wide range of industries. 

Whether it’s redesigning a package to prevent quality risks, implementing a packaging process to cut waste, or managing an international packaging and shipping process to avoid delays, we help our customers overcome their most pressing challenges.

Our motto is “Tough packs solved,” because there is no “pack” or challenge that is too tough for us to tackle. Here’s how we’ve helped one of our customers tackle a big issue. If we can help them, we can help you too.


“We use Deufol as an extension of our own manufacturing unit to complement our internal competencies. I often look to Deufol to use its streamlined capabilities in thermoforming.” Dean Solomos, Former Associate Director of Contract Manufacturing, Gerber

"Jackie was very helpful." William, ENVISIONCUSTOMPAINTING.COM

"Very quick in responses Kudos" John Grady, DLS Worldwide

"Jackie is the very very best at what she does. So helpful!" Micki Segal-Blou, iconREVIEWS

"The service we received from Bentley/Deufol, Cleveland is top notch. we have never had an issue with anything or anyone. I only wish all my vendors were this great to work with." Jeff Hinebaugh, GIRARD MACHINE COMPANY INC

"The Accounting Manager, Dawn, was a delight to do business with as she was knowledgeable and succinct." Dale Lipa, Sysco Philadelphia, LLC