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Supply Chain Solutions

If your core competency is delivering quality products, why are you spending so much time managing your supply chain?

Deufol’s supply chain solutions give you the efficiency and capabilities you need to serve your customers with confidence.

We warehouse over 5,000 SKUs for all customers with over 99.5% accuracy rating on a revolving 30 day cycle count process that ensures seamless production supply, warehousing, value added kitting and project management.

In any project, managing the supply chain can be a complex and challenging endeavor. You could have hundreds or even thousands of parts coming in from a wide range of vendors. Those parts may have to be distributed within your facility, or maybe you need to unpack and repackage them before sending them out to a job site. 

In all that movement, it’s easy for delays to happen. A part could get packed in the wrong container, or even sent to the wrong worksite. Your team on the receiving end may not know what parts are in which containers. Your vendors may not pack to your quality standards, forcing you to unpack and repack at your facility. 

Deufol’s supply chain solutions help you solve all of these problems.  With 93 facilities in 11 countries, we have the resources and capabilities to manage your supply chain anywhere on the planet. When you partner with Deufol for supply chains services, you get: 

  • Inbound and outbound material logistics management

  • Cutting-edge technology to provide transparency into your supply chain

  • Speed and flexibility to keep your supply chain agile

  • Onsite kitting and fulfillment to meet your requirements

  • Fully integrated and customizable technology solutions

  • Quality process development, controls, and documentation

  • And much more

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Packaging Supply Chain

Streamline inventory & logistics to meet big retailer product variety & delivery challenges.

With extensive warehousing capabilities Deufol completes over 2,500 pallet movements daily depending on seasonality and has the capability to store over 12,500 pallets.  With this capacity, Deufol can ensure quick turn pack out by managing your complete packaging programs and sourcing with SAP traceability and QAKE quality assurance.

Develop a cost-effective way to have your product ready at a moment's notice, in a wide array of SKUs through Deufol's unique combination of manufacturing, contract packaging and inventory logistic services for a true design-to-delivery solution.

Conveniently located 5 miles off I-74, just 45 miles West of Cincinnati, OH & 75 miles Southeast of Indianapolis, IN.

  • 24/7 Security - ID Card Access & Video Surveillance
  • State of the Art Manufacturing Equipment
  • Customizable Packaging Solutions
  • Strict Quality Process Controls
  • Package Design & Development
  • Planning, Sourcing & Procurement
  • Global Reach & Controls
  • Custom Supply Chain Solutions
    • Postponed Packaging
    • In-House Outsourcing
    • Vendor-Managed & Owned Inventory (VMOI)

Everything, Everywhere, In Time

Focus your time and efforts on your core competency, maintaining and improving, and do not let your supply chain or location limit your project and solutions.  Deufol's team across the globe has the scale and supply chain management experience to solve your toughest packaging challenges.

93 Operations in 11 Countries!

  • Inbound & Outbound Material Logistics
  • Automation & Cooperative System Integration
  • Speed and Flexibility in Manufacturing
  • On Location Kitting & Fulfillment of Production Requirements
  • Integrated & Customizable Programming & Technology Across Operations
  • Project Management & Documentation
  • Quality Process Development & Controls



Global Supply Chain Services

For most industrial companies, some portion of their supply chain originates overseas. They may order parts from a vendor, or multiple vendors, in China. They could have materials that are shipped from their warehouse or partner in Europe. They may have products that hit multiple countries before they arrive at their domestic facility.

A global supply chain brings a whole new set of complexities. There’s the quality control aspect. It’s tough to ensure quality, in terms of product and packaging, without having eyes on the ground. There can also be issues with logistics and making sure that parts are shipped in the most efficient manner. And you can also run into challenges at customs, where your packages could be inspected and unpacked in a way that is inconsistent with your needs.

Deufol has 93 locations in 11 countries around the world to provide our customers with the global support they need to run manage their supply chain with confidence. We act as your eyes and ears on the ground to ensure quality, schedule, and budget.

You need parts from 20 different Chinese vendors repackaged and shipped together? We do that.

You need someone to oversee packaging in China, Europe, and the Middle East to ensure product quality? We do that, too.

You need someone to monitor your parts as they move through each step of your supply chain, resolving issues as they arise? We can help you with that.

Our worldwide locations, thousands of highly-skilled team members, and powerful suite of supply chain technology, we give you the transparency and confidence you need to truly maximize your global reach.

Ready to take control of your supply chain? Contact us today. Our industrial supply chain consultants welcome and opportunity to discuss your needs and objectives with you.



Reach a new level of supply chain management with custom technology and programming for complete logistic transparency.

With available and expandandable warehouse space, we can provide tracking and tracing for any piece in your industrial packaging project by integrating with your operating systems.

13.2 Million Square Feet Globally

Sunman, IN
  • Container Loading/Unloading Services
  • Part Sequencing
  • Spare Parts Management
Charlotte, NC
  • 115,000 Inside & 90,000 Fenced Outside
  • Excess of 8,600 Warehouse Locations
  • Trackable Labeling & Storing of Materials
  • Large & Small Scale – Floor & Carousel
  • Inside Climate Controlled Storage - 500 SPL
  • Refrigerated Storage - 34 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 8 Dock Doors & 2 Drive-In Doors
  • Container Loading/Unloading Services
  • Part Sequencing
  • Spare Parts Management 
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Warehouse Services
  • Mobile Scanning Data Entry for Goods Receipts, Stock Movement & Issues
  • Picking & put-away strategies for rack, floor, climate control, refrigeration & carousel.
  • Stock Management at the batch and SLED control levels
  • Small Scale Carousel Parts Storage – Two units, ability store excess 5,700 unique items.
  • Container Loading/Unloading Services
  • Container Stripping/Stuffing
  • Unpacking Services
  • Part Sequencing
  • Spare Parts Management

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Onsite Logistics

Onsite Logistics is the process of using a third party to receive your materials at your project location and then manage their delivery to specific team members and workstations. 

  • End to end industrial packaging
  • Industrial Onsite services
  • Parts Sequencing
  • Unpacking services (container stripping/stuffing)
  • Offsite management