Our Mission

We will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by achieving the highest quality standards in all aspects of our operations.  The success of our mission will be realized through the joint continuous improvement efforts of our Leadership, Quality Assurance, Design, Logistics, Manufacturing, & Customer Service groups. We provide innovative flexible packaging solutions to our customers in a cGMP compliant environment.  The success of our mission will be evidenced by attaining and sustaining compliance with our customers’ expectations resulting in stronger business relationships with increased value for both organizations.

  • Deufol has complete dedication to delivering on time quality products, in a safe environment, at the best economic value to our clients.
  • We employ capable people who are committed to the mission and are empowered, trained, and rewarded for work that serves this mission.
  • Processes are put in place to ensure that our performance is measured, reviewed, and acted upon in a cadence of our work everyday.

Our Promise

Our promise is simple: we offer unique solutions powered by unequaled project management, data accuracy, quality and production speed at competitive prices to clients. This enables our clients to focus on innovation and being market leaders.

We offer a mix of solutions through a simple three-letter process - TPS. What is TPS? It stands for Tough Packs Solved. It’s our promise is to help you solve your most pressing packaging and distribution challenges. 

Throughout our 100-plus year history, Deufol has provided breakthrough solutions and technological advances for companies in a wide range of industries. Everyday, we apply our TPS promise to a variety of packaging needs, including: 

  • Contract packaging
  • Thermoform
  • Industrial
  • and more

TPS isn’t just about packaging, though. It’s about understanding who you are, how your business operates, and how we can create solutions to overcome your biggest challenges (packaging or otherwise).

TPS is a unique packaging methodology because it’s based in the unique goals and needs of your business. We don’t offer a standard, cookie-cutter solution because there’s no such thing as standard, cookie-cutter challenges. Your needs are unique, just like your business. No matter your challenge, we’re here to serve as your partner, all the way from product conception to production and packaging to warehousing and distribution. That’s the philosophy behind Tough Packs Solved and the promise you get when you work with Deufol.

Our Position 

Deufol strives to understand our clients markets and needs.  To meet the market and needs of our clients we will design a unique mix of packaging services and products that is underpinned with technology, programming and automation.  Our goal is that this unique mix will offer new insights, efficiencies and products, propelling them to the “Next Level”.

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