Deufol's Automated and Hand-Packing Lines

Contract Packaging

Cost Effective Packs to Reach Your Markets.

You thought you had one product then your retailer decided they wanted it packaged 100 different ways and delivered tomorrow. What do you do?

At Deufol, we understand your custom contract packaging challenges and we can solve them with quality and control. Our suite of services covers everything:

  • Machines on your floor to delayed packaging programs.
  • Improvement to your packaging strategy by building a custom solution to empower you.
  • More custom choices and faster delivery while reducing cost. 

Want to improve your flexibility and speed-to-market to meet retailer demands for a variety of SKUs? We can help you minimize the links in your supply chain and thus your overall costs. 

We’ll form the packaging components, source the accessories, and manage assembly, distribution and shipments. We’ll send just one invoice to you when the finished product ships. And the next time you get that last-minute retailer request? No problem — we’ve got you covered.